Townsville, QLD, Australia 12 February 2019 Media embargo – For immediate release
As the clean-up commences following large-scale flooding in North Queensland, Disaster Relief Australia, a veteran-led disaster response organisation … the ‘Greyshirts’, is deploying to take a major role in recovery operations.
CEO Team Rubicon Geoff Evans said “our business is disaster recovery and supporting affected communities. Whether it’s cleaning houses, fixing roofs, moving furniture or assessing damage, you can be sure there will be a Greyshirt ready to roll their sleeves up and lend a hand.”
Since the formation of the Local Disaster Coordination Centre in Townsville, Team Rubicon has supported advanced planning for recovery operations across the region, and has commenced deploying Disaster Response Teams from around Australia, including teams based in Townsville.
For this mission, known by the Greyshirts as “Operation Gordon”, it is also personal. Many of Team Rubicon’s veterans and volunteers have themselves become victim of the catastrophic weather event. Yet that hasn’t stopped them from answering the call and supporting their community.
Teamwork, decisive leadership, risk mitigation, and emergency management are skills paramount to an effective response, and veterans have earned these skills in some of the most dangerous and challenging environments in the world. Greyshirts will never take a step backward, no matter how hard the challenge.
Team Rubicon’s mission commander Chris Perrin noted the Greyshirts role in coordinating the support of Townsville locals. “This mission has also seen us lead the emergency or spontaneous volunteer capability in North Queensland. The people of Townsville want to help out their mates. Team Rubicon has the skills and experience in managing volunteers, and it is our pleasure to help out the local authorities”.
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About Disaster Relief Australia
Team Rubicon unities the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy disaster response and recovery teams. Team Rubicon is an independent non-profit organisation offering veterans the opportunity to continue their service by helping and empowering communities afflicted by disasters. Services are made possible by the support of individual donors, corporate partners, and the dedication of our veterans and volunteers across the country.
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