A Current Affair highlights Team Rubicon Greyshirts Did you catch ACA on Saturday 2nd May? This story on our grey shirts and our partnership with Mindaroo was filmed as we underwent Mission Ryan in Cobargo.  

Operations suspended to comply with government recommendations for COVID-19

Members and friends, Nothing is more important to us than your safety. Following recent announcements by the State and Federal Governments aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19 and upon feedback from disaster affected communities, we here at Team Rubicon Australia...

Foreword by Team Rubicon Australia CEO Geoff Evans

When TRA deployed for Operation Partridge, it was barely two weeks after the end of our first bushfire operation of the
season had ceased, and defined an evolution in our capability – to run back-to-back operations.

It also defined a new level of acknowledgement of our role in a disaster as Councils and ESOs welcomed us into an
impacted area, even as neighbouring areas were still experiencing that disaster.

As with every operation, there are still lessons being learned – about ourselves, about what we do and about who we do
it for. As with every operation before, there are improvements to be made. We have been through and unflinching in
our review, and will continue to work hard to embed the lessons and make those improvements.

Read the full report: OPS PAR Partridge