A Current Affair highlights Team Rubicon Greyshirts Did you catch ACA on Saturday 2nd May? This story on our grey shirts and our partnership with Mindaroo was filmed as we underwent Mission Ryan in Cobargo.  

Operations suspended to comply with government recommendations for COVID-19

Members and friends, Nothing is more important to us than your safety. Following recent announcements by the State and Federal Governments aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19 and upon feedback from disaster affected communities, we here at Team Rubicon Australia...

Foreword by Team Rubicon Australia CEO Geoff Evans

Operation Budgen was short, sharp and crucial. Unfortunately for the communities of Rappville and surrounds the fires there occurred in the lead up to the NRL Grand Final, which drowned out the media attention. We were the first organisation to move and and get the recovery process started.

There are always many lessons to be learned, in this PAR process is crucial to capturing those lessons. Even more important is the Improvement Actions in the table below. If you don’t have time to read this whole PAR skip to the back. If you own one of the items listed there, get cracking.

To all that served on this mission both directly and in support, thank you and well done. These communities were not on the front page of any paper. You showed them somebody cared.

Read the full report: OPS-PAR-OP-BUGDEN-201911