Operations suspended to comply with government recommendations for COVID-19

Members and friends, Nothing is more important to us than your safety. Following recent announcements by the State and Federal Governments aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19 and upon feedback from disaster affected communities, we here at Team Rubicon Australia...

Mission: On Friday 8th November, a bushfire started in the NSW Central Coast Hinterland. 

Team Rubicon Australia planned and conduct a Type 4 response to the Kempsey Shire Council Region of NSW, to assist in ongoing bushfire recovery efforts.  The Operation is continued for 22 days. Dependent on damage assessments and community need, Team Rubicon Australia may extend into neighboring council areas.  


Team Rubicon Australia’s task force will provide: Liaison to Kempsey Shire Disaster Recovery Centre, damage assessments, debris removal, chainsaw, sifting & recovery, and other clean up efforts as required to affected communities in coordination with local and state authorities. Operations will continue until all tasks within mission scope are complete; the assigned mission duration lapses; or available personnel, resources, and incident management assets are no longer adequate to support safe and effective operations.


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Operation Overview:

As at 25 Nov 19, more than 660 homes have been confirmed destroyed following the bush fires which have affected large parts of NSW since September 2019.


On 25th November, Team Rubicon Australia deployed a 3 person reconnaissance team to Willawarrin, NSW. TRA is conducting a Type 4 Operation, which includes debris removal, chainsawing, sift and sort, and others as needed efforts to affected communities in collaboration with local and state authorities. 


Team Rubicon Australia hosted counterparts on Operation Partridge from their global network including the UK, US and Norway. These personnel deployed from their home countries to assist the community in their time of need. 

You can see all their photos from Operation Partridge here: