Operations suspended to comply with government recommendations for COVID-19

Members and friends, Nothing is more important to us than your safety. Following recent announcements by the State and Federal Governments aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19 and upon feedback from disaster affected communities, we here at Team Rubicon Australia...

Our very own tribe member, Ellie was one of the first member of Team Rubicon Australia (TRA) to assist with Op Harding with the reconnaissance team. Ellie has been volunteering with TRA since Nov 2017. She is a local Dubbo resident employed as a conservation planner as well as a retained fire fighter with the Delroy Fire Station.

Ellie is passionate helping her local community after hearing firsthand accounts of how this drought is effecting the community, the health and wellbeing of the farmers. The stories amongst her family, friends and community has caused the ripple effect. “Even though we can’t make the rain come, it is a morale boost to have presence here with Team Rubicon Australia”.