A Current Affair highlights Team Rubicon Greyshirts Did you catch ACA on Saturday 2nd May? This story on our grey shirts and our partnership with Mindaroo was filmed as we underwent Mission Ryan in Cobargo.  

Operations suspended to comply with government recommendations for COVID-19

Members and friends, Nothing is more important to us than your safety. Following recent announcements by the State and Federal Governments aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19 and upon feedback from disaster affected communities, we here at Team Rubicon Australia...

drew franklin military veteranYou’d have to be living under a rock at the back of a deep cave to not know about our bushfire crisis this summer. The whole world is talking about it. As a city-dweller I felt isolated from the experience that those in the thick of it were having. I really wanted to do something practical to help.

I found out about Team Rubicon Australia through our Veterans group at work. Within two weeks I was flying to Adelaide. What Team Rubicon stand for really appealed to me. As a Veteran you can miss the military culture, the feeling of being on a mission that counts.

Team Rubicon have made a massive impact here in the Adelaide Hills and you can see the local community really appreciate our effort. One lady who lost everything has found the time to bake us a bunch of cakes. Amazing gesture from someone who has lost everything! What I have found striking is the random and fierce way the fires evidently spread through the region. You see melted car wheels only metres from untouched green hedges.  This is my first Team Rubicon Australia deployment and I’m looking forward to many more!