Proper training provides Team Rubicon members a host of opportunities to sharpen the core knowledge and skills required to safely perform disaster operations.

We leverage and build upon the expertise of regional personnel and we partner with external training entities to develop pathways leading to professional certifications in disaster response and emergency management. Our approach serves to support TR’s commitment to excellence in both veteran reintegration and disaster response. As such, we’re rolling out a host of in-person and online training in the following:



Incident Management Training

We offer instruction in the Incident Command System (ICS), the national standard for incident management and, to keep it relevant, you better believe that we add a TR flare to our courses. ICS provides a framework which enables our leaders to promote the safety of our personnel, efficiently utilize resources, and collaboratively work alongside other responders toward a common set of objectives in the wake of disaster. Additionally, the Training Shop is pulling together a cadre of ICS 300 and 400 instructors to help expand our ICS reach across the 10 regions.




Tools, Tactics, & Techniques (T3) Training

Disaster response operations is what we do and we do it well. However, when we’re not responding, we find hands-on learning opportunities for our members to hone their skills, train to a high operational safety standard, and develop practical experience on specialized tools and equipment. These training opportunities are rapidly expanding as we engage our regional leaders and identify subject matter experts in the tools, tactics, & techniques we utilize in the field. These T3 courses will increasingly be loads of awesome and prepare our troops for operational success.

Leadership Training

We are gathering wisdom earned in the field from a host of our members and building upon our operational principles to establish our very own leadership training module. In the time to come, those who stand as “leaders” within TR will not only be able to demonstrate their operational experience & technical knowledge, but also teach and mentor emerging leaders. One who completes the leadership training may be assigned a role on an Incident Management Team or maybe he/she will serve as lead instructor for an upcoming chainsaw operations class. Others may deploy on a domestic operation to mentor a couple of newly trained Planning Section and Logistics Section Chiefs. Another may be asked to lead a specialized response team during an international deployment. Who knows? One of the coolest things about TR-style leaders is that they can also be the best followers of sound leadership. Together, that’s what we’re building.



Knowledge Bombs

We’ve been dropping “Knowledge Bombs” over Facebook and Twitter all over, giving our members and anyone else a quick lessons and dirty tid-bits on a range of topics within the realms of safety and TR operational readiness. We all need refreshers from time to time, ways to keep those fundamentals top of mind. Help us spread the love. When you see one drop over social media, share it. View All »

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