CHFP Components


Fellows will participate in a self-discovery journey. While individuals may have been sure of whom they were in uniform, it’s time to discover who they are after trading it for a grey shirt. The self-discovery phase of the program allows Fellows to answer that question and develop goals to achieve a successful life and transition.


Program participants will be required to complete ICS 300, ICS 400, and ASIST. Additional training opportunities will be presented throughout the fellowship year as well.

Mission Focused

Fellows will be expected to deploy on operations in a variety of roles. They will develop the necessary leadership skills to become the future volunteer leaders of Team Rubicon.


Fellows will responsible for identifying a mentor to help guide them on their journey. Upon completion of the fellowship year, each Fellow is expected to reach back and provide mentorship to future classes of Fellows as part of the CHFP Alumni Program.

Capstone Project

Fellows will assess the needs of Team Rubicon and develop a project proposal to submit to the National TRaining Office for approval. Once approved, the fellowship project teams will solicit the support of both full-time staff and volunteers to assist in project completion. Routine monthly reports of project progression will be required for submission. Project results will be presented to TR Nation for potential implementation across the organization as part of the graduation week.

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