Program Background and Inspiration

Team Rubicon realizes that today’s military does a tremendous job preparing veterans for life after the military with numerous ‘soft skills’ such as: leadership, teamwork, risk analysis, priority tasking and work ethic. However, many veterans leave the military lacking with the ‘hard skills’ necessary to thrive in a tough civilian job market. Additionally, research indicates that many veterans are seeking employment in the social sector, with an emphasis on helping their fellow veterans.

The intent of the Clay Hunt Fellows Program is to develop competent professionals capable of competing in the civilian workforce, and as leaders within Team Rubicon. These leaders are expected to represent Team Rubicon in the spirit of Clay Hunt, holding the Program and the organization in the highest regard and serving as an ambassador to each, as Clay did.

The Clay Hunt Fellows Program was established to increase volunteer engagement and to build leadership within Team Rubicon’s domestic disaster response initiatives. Through their role, Fellows will not only receive the mission, community, and self-worth that Clay sought, but they will be charged with building similar opportunities for others within the organization.

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CHFP Components


Fellows will participate in a self-discovery journey. While individuals may have been sure of whom they were in uniform, it’s time to discover who they are after trading it for a grey shirt. The self-discovery phase of the program allows Fellows to answer that question and develop goals to achieve a successful life and transition.


Program participants will be required to complete ICS 300, ICS 400, and ASIST. Additional training opportunities will be presented throughout the fellowship year as well.

Mission Focused

Fellows will be expected to deploy on operations in a variety of roles. They will develop the necessary leadership skills to become the future volunteer leaders of Team Rubicon.


Fellows will responsible for identifying a mentor to help guide them on their journey. Upon completion of the fellowship year, each Fellow is expected to reach back and provide mentorship to future classes of Fellows as part of the CHFP Alumni Program.

Capstone Project

Fellows will assess the needs of Team Rubicon and develop a project proposal to submit to the National TRaining Office for approval. Once approved, the fellowship project teams will solicit the support of both full-time staff and volunteers to assist in project completion. Routine monthly reports of project progression will be required for submission. Project results will be presented to TR Nation for potential implementation across the organization as part of the graduation week.


  1. Applicants must commit to completing all requirements of the 12-month Fellows Program.
  2. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age.
  3. Applicants must have served in the United States Armed Forces and not been dishonorably discharged.
  4. Applicants will be considered based on the merit of their application. We encourage creativity and hope that each candidate demonstrates their passion for Team Rubicon through their application. Paramount to any other criterion, candidates who demonstrate their commitment to live and serve in Clay’s honor, with spirit similar to the spirit he displayed, will be given priority.
  5. Applicants must available for a mandatory orientation in Los Angeles in July 2016.

IMPORTANT Please be advised that the Clay Hunt Fellows Program does NOT require relocation to Los Angeles. While travel will be required (expected 3-5 weeks, all expenses paid), most of the work for the CHFP will be done from candidates respective region.  One intent of the CHFP is to increase regional talent development. If any questions still remain on this issue please email Those accepted into the next class of the Clay Hunt Fellows Program are set to begin July 1, 2016.


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CHFP Sponsors

The Clay Hunt Fellows Program is sponsored by:

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