Veterans provide flood relief to Midlands communities

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    Team Rubicon has cycled more than 70 volunteers through the Midlands to help with flood relief since it arrived earlier in the month. On Wednesday, 20 additional volunteers from all around the country arrived via plane as the veteran group makes their relief effort a national event.

    Crews consist of volunteers and first responders who give their time to help people clear debris, rip out dry wall, and take care of any quick home repairs that can make a house livable and safe.

    “You know they’re really happy to have us come and give them a hand, but they’re doing a lot for themselves as well and showing incredible attitudes. I don’t know if I could be as strong as some of these people have been. That really hits you. You really connect to that,” said Army veteran and volunteer Craig Murphy.

    Volunteers say the purpose of the organization is two-fold. It helps veterans by letting them help others.

    “If I’m not a soldier, then what am I? So Team Rubicon restores that and seeks to connect us both with each other, but also with these communities that we get to come out here and make veterans and society not an us and them thing. We’re neighbors working together and helping each other out,” said Murphy.

    Anyone who wants to request help from Team Rubicon can stop by the group’s command center in the parking lot of the Home Depot at 7701 Two Notch Road.