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Disasters are our business. Veterans are our passion.

Team Rubicon unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams. We’ve responded to over 120 disaster response operations around the world including the Haiti earthquake, Hurricane Sandy, the Joplin, Missouri tornadoes and the current floods in Houston, Texas.

Our vision is a future in which, during times of crisis, communities turn to their military veterans to lead them through it. In doing so we not only help make our country stronger through disaster response, but through veteran reintegration.

Operation Moonshot: Houston

Beginning April 17, a major storm system hit the state of Texas and severe flooding continues to affect thousands of residents in the Houston area. Team Rubicon immediately spun up Operation Moonshot – our members are on the ground helping those affected and getting dirty. We’ll continue to help homeowners for the next few weeks or more.

Our strike teams are doing damage assessments, clearing debris, mucking out damaged homes and planting sweaty hugs on residents. Join us in helping the people of Houston get back on their feet.


You’ll need to create a profile in our Roll Call system so we learn a bit more about you and how to get in touch. Before you head into the field, there are some critical trainings you need to complete. We also require a Background Check to ensure a safe operating environment for our members. The Background Check application fee is paid online (typically $19 – $35) and will be reimbursed after you complete Module 1 training or participate in a service project or field operation. Don’t worry, all requirements are online and can be done on your schedule. But these must be completed to be eligible to deploy on an operation. We want to keep you safe and best prepared to help.

PTSD is the signature wound of Iraq and Afghanistan, and many veterans are suffering from it-diagnosed or otherwise. Team Rubicon feels that it can help veterans suffering from mental and emotional wounds by providing newfound purpose, community and sense of self. However, disaster response is, by nature, dangerous work, and it requires all participants to be mentally and emotionally capable.

Of course! We only ask that you know your own limitations. There are many roles in disaster response, many of which are perfectly suited for a veteran with physical limitations.

Team Rubicon goes to great lengths to make sure that volunteers don’t incur expenses while on operations. When a volunteer is activated through official channels, their transportation, meals, and lodging are paid for. Team Rubicon will also provide the necessary equipment and supplies, but asks that volunteers bring their own personal gear (good work boots, proper clothing, travel bag, personal hygiene kit, etc).

Domestically, Team Rubicon’s operations focus on expedient home and infrastructure repair, flood recovery, and debris management, as well as post-disaster damage assessments (PDDA’s). In addition to a direct response role, TR has also taken on command and control responsibilities in support of local Emergency Operations Centers and large-scale spontaneous volunteer management.

Internationally, Team Rubicon’s volunteers have performed everything from medical relief and training; water and sanitary health (WASH) operations; and refugee camp management.

Each disaster is its own unique situation, and TR will always tailor its response in order to make the largest impact possible. While many of our operations address gaps in aid during emergent disasters, Team Rubicon will also deploy teams in proactive settings, which can be planned months in advance. Check out the mission map for more information on what Team Rubicon is capable of.

Any Team Rubicon member who has completed his or her volunteer profile and the initial online training steps is eligible for deployment. Some missions will require a specialized set of skills or geographic proximity to the disaster zone. When Team Rubicon deploys, TR HQ and the incident commander work to ensure the teams on the ground are properly equipped and prepared for the situation. International missions usually require a specialized skill set and a valid passport.

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Disasters are our business. Veterans are our passion.

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