Team Rubicon’s dynamic and adaptive approach to disaster relief is transcribed in its DocTRine. This integrated set of plans and manuals bring together the best practices of emergency management, disaster risk reduction, and military humanitarian assistance/disaster relief operations. Adaptable, scalable, and practical, they provide TR leaders the techniques necessary for engaging in relief operations of any scope or scale. Check back, we update these documents regularly to reflect cutting edge innovations and lessons learned.

Domestic Emergency Operations Plan (DEOP)

Understand the big picture. Our core coordinating document for disaster relief operations in the United States. NIMS compliant and battle-tested in over 50 domestic disaster operations.

Disaster Operations Planning Manual (DOPM)

Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance. Look behind the scenes at what it takes to effectively orchestrate a response.

Mobilization-Demobilization Manual (MDM)

Deliver on time, on target. Learn the systems that deliver personnel and materiel rapidly to the scene and return them home safely.

After Action Reporting Manual (AARM)

Seek the truth. Understand events, integrate hard-earned lessons, and accountably report outcomes.

Incident Management Manual (IMM)

Deliver effective relief. Provide community and purpose. This is where the rubber meets the road.

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