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Starting a New Chapter with a New Tribe

2016.07.19__CountryRoad_PORTER__046 (1)

This was my first deployment with Team Rubicon, supporting Operation Country Roads in West Virginia. As a Canadian Armed Forces veteran, I have struggled since leaving the military. Over the past three years, I have taken the right steps to get healthy, get tools to live a “new” normal, and pursued higher education to create a new chapter.  

I have followed TR for some time, and the Fort McMurray wildfires gave me the incentive to finally apply. Within a week of being cleared, I was deployed to West Virginia.  


The sense of family within the TRibe appeals to me and allows me to feel part of something that is positively impacting those who were devastated by flooding. This is bigger than me, and I feel part of a bigger family that understands me. We are accomplishing great things that leave me feeling recharged, rejuvenated, and motivated to start another chapter with a new family.


Team Rubicon Canada will launch as a registered Canadian charity later this year. Check for progress at teamrubiconcan.org.