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In October 2015, Simon and Schuster will release a book by NY Times bestselling author Joe Klein called Charlie Mike: A True Story of Heroes Who Brought Their Mission Home. For those who don’t already know, Charlie Mike is a military term meaning “continue mission”. The nonfiction work details Team Rubicon CEO Jake Wood and William McNulty’s military service that led them to found the organization. In addition to a detailed account of the founding of Team Rubicon, the book relays Jake and Clay Hunt’s (a veteran and early member of Team Rubicon) experiences during their time at war and articulates the often-difficult post-war reality many veterans face.

Team Rubicon doesn’t see ourselves as “heroes” as the Charlie Mike: A True Story of Heroes Who Brought Their Mission Home title suggests; we are everyday Americans seeking to continue serving communities that need us most. However, we’re excited about the potential for increased awareness of veterans’ issues, Team Rubicon and our mission that the release of Charlie Mike may bring.

10% of all proceeds from Charlie Mike will be donated to Team Rubicon.

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“An inspiring story of life—and death—after returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan . . . I could not put down this book which is, in the end, not just about finding new purpose but about brotherhood and love.”
Robert M. Gates, U.S. Secretary of Defense, 2006–2011, and author of Duty

“Charlie Mike is an extraordinary book about extraordinary individuals—young Americans who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan and returned home, only to discover a powerful need to ‘Charlie Mike’—to continue the mission by performing tasks larger than themselves. . . . Joe Klein gives us an exceedingly moving and truly inspiring tribute to the members of what deserves to be recognized as America’s New Greatest Generation.”
General David Petraeus

“Joe Klein has done us a national service, telling the inspirational stories of vets who returned home and as civilians continued their dedication to country and people in need. This is the can-do generation and this book honors their nonstop citizenship.”
Tom Brokaw

“A great look at two of the best veteran organizations going and the incredible humans who make the effort work!”
Jon Stewart

About Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams. Since our founding in 2010, Team Rubicon has had massive growth from a team of 8 volunteers serving those affected by the devastating earthquake in Haiti to a growing roster of 30,000 members today who have deployed on more than 100 operations.

Since 2013, Team Rubicon has

  • adopted FEMA’s National Incident Management System, which gives our disaster response teams an advantage in being able to communicate and interact seamlessly with federal, state and county agencies.
  • implemented a robust internal training program offering FEMA’s Incident Command System (ICS) courses and other technical training opportunities to all staff and members. This training pipeline also serves to regularly engage volunteers in between disasters.
  • partnered with federal, state and county agencies to provide world-class disaster response programming.
  • ranked #2 on The NonProfit Times’ 2015 Best Nonprofits to Work For list.

How does Team Rubicon support mental health services for veterans?

Team Rubicon seeks to provide veterans with three things they lose after leaving the military: a purpose, gained through disaster relief; community, built by serving with others; and identity, created by joining a new mission. A core component of Team Rubicon’s mission is to continually engage our members both between and during disasters. Increasing the quality, quantity and frequency of engagements is an empirically based treatment for trauma.

Team Rubicon has significantly expanded our mental health support capabilities by partnering with Give an Hour, a nonprofit organization providing free mental health services to the military community. Give an Hour and Team Rubicon are developing peer support training for mentors to serve as first-line support for those experiencing challenges. We also offer Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) workshops to equip participants with the skills necessary to deal with an individual threatening suicide. To date we have trained over 250 members in ASIST.

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